• Kennedy-katende

Swedish Champion

Kennedy Katende är svensk mästare.
För första gången i karriären.
Den redan OS-klara Sundsvallsboxaren vann SM-finalen i Malmö på söndagen – efter att ha bantat två och […]


Nordic Champion

A big congratulations to Leon Chartoi over the weekend as he won Gold at the Nordic Boxing Championships. He now heads off to Italy for […]

Unlimited support

Most Coaches have limited contact time, but we believe in helping in every way. Unlimited contact 7 days a week, that’s why our clients see results. From training, to nutrition and equipment, we have the knowledge, so why not use us?

No Fixed Contract

We are different. We believe in helping everyone to reach their goals. That’s why we have no fixed contract on coaching and why our customers have stayed with us a minimum of one year. We take pride in helping people realize their goals

Online based

We use Trainingpeaks to monitor our clients training, which means our programs are entirely based online and can be reached from any mobile or computer device. As well as an easy to use layout and compatible with all watches/power meters on the market today.
StefanSwim Coach
Stefan trained as a sports teacher for 3 years at Halmstad University where he become a successful swimming coach for many swimming clubs such as Halmstad, Bålsavägen,Sundsvall and has trained swimmers from beginner to National teams and masters Swimmers.
GraemeHead Coach
Originally from New Zealand, Graeme has been living in Sundsvall, Sweden for the past 5 1/2 years. He Has been coaching well over 100 people around Sweden in cycling, running and triathlon. Graeme has helped people achieve their goals from beginners to the experienced and olympic athletes, and has also worked with numerous cycling teams in Sweden.

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“Jag är supernöjd med bikefiten! Jag genomförde Vätternrundan på cykeln utan större besvär”
Annika Wadelius, Bikefit
“Kan varmt rekommendera andra coaching av Graeme! Otroligt inspirerande, proffsigt och mycket lärorikt! ”
Terese Hulling, Löpning
“Sportcoaching Graeame har hjälpt mig. Rekommenderar honom verkligen!”
Lena Greus, Löpning