Arm Movement in Running

Arm Movement in Running- Quite a common question in the running world is how should my arms move? should they be held at a level to my chest? Should i grasp my hands into a fist?

Arm Movement in Running – The performance of your arms are a natural balance for your leg movement. In running the arms aren’t used for driving the body forward but to provide balance as the gravity pulls you forward. In running your hamstrings do most of the work where as the arms provide the balance to keep your stride. Although your arm action seems insignificant, it still plays and important role of linking the body together as a unit.

arm movement in running

The key to the arm swing is relaxation and should occur from the shoulders, with the shoulders in neutral position without rotation of the chest while the upper back and neck should be completely relaxed. Your elbows should be bent in an approximately 90 degree angle and tucked inwards towards the torso. As your running speed increases, relaxation should be maintained.

The arms provide you rhythm to your stride, moving just a split second before the legs. The faster you run the more important this rhythm by the arms is.  The arms should be relaxed, hands open slightly ,  loose fingers with the shoulders wide and relaxed. So next time you’re out for a run think a little bit about your arms and make sure that they are dictating the pace and rhythm, and not your legs.

Arm Movement in Running – Let your arms and hands remain relaxed, this helps to conserve energy and move you forward.