Our Coaches have many years of background in their chosen Sport

All Services provided are by both SportCoaching New Zealand and joint Companies around the world. Our Coaches have many years of background in their chosen Sport and all work numerous years in this industry, we have coached hundreds of people in Endurance sports.

We use Training Peaks as a coaching platform which is currently free for a basic account. The training platform is accessible from any computer or mobile phone. All training Programs are written in 4 week blocks following an ATP (annual training plan layout).


Diverse portfolio with a wealth of knowledge

We have worked within sports such as Skiing, Basketball, Triathlon, Cycling, Running, Football, Swimming, Boxing and in these sports have coached people to Swedish Championship Medals, World Championships, Olympic Games, Nordic Championships, New Zealand Championships and African Championships.

We have a diverse portfolio with a wealth of knowledge through each sport and their training methods that we apply to the training programs

We believe each person should have unlimited time with each coach. We help teach you a long the way, so after the coaching venture you have a wealth of knowledge that means you can structure and plan your own coaching.


A quick look


Planning the season

We start with diagnosis and contact. We test you to understand your strengths, weakness and lifestyle in order to apply the correct training Program.

Using periodized Training, Our coach plots your training over time to help you understand each phase of your training and adjust the program around your lifestyle.

Training Zones
Knowing how hard to train is a key to success for any athlete. Our coach sets your training levels to specific wattage, speed or heart rate based from tests in your key sport.

Monthly Testing
As you become fitter we need to update both your training zones and training load, a monthly test allows you to monitor these changes and apply it into your schedule. Make sure you are working he most effective way possible.

Tapering and Peaking
With daily analysis from our coaches, we better understand when to recover, tapering to your key eventt, applying strategies to races and planning for future events.

We analyse your training weekly to follow your recovery and adjust any parameters whether it be from sickness or your lifestyle.