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Setting up the Cycling Coaching plan

We create a cycling training program based on your circumstances, This includes a annual training layout (ATP) . We start with a personal or skype meeting where you will meet your prospective coach and we go through suggestions on an approach to the cycling training schedule.


Unlimited contact

Most Coaches have limited contact time, but we believe in helping in every way. Unlimited contact 7 days a week, that’s why our clients see results. From cycling coaching, training to nutrition and equipment, we have the knowledge, so why not use us


No fixed contact

We are different. We believe in helping everyone to reach their goals. That’s why we have no fixed contract on cycling coaching and why our customers have stayed with us a minimum of one year. We take pride in helping people realize their goals



We use Trainingpeaks to monitor our clients training, which means our programs are entirely based online and can be reached from any mobile or computer device. As well as an easy to use layout and compatible with all watches on the market today. You have access to your training and coach at any time

 Reach Your Goals

Cycling training –  Break through plateaus

We can help you break through plateaus and revolutionize your cycling training through both speed, Heart Rate and Power measurement while finding the balance between your normal life and cycling sporting goals. With daily/weekly feedback and encouragement from your cycling coach, we help you find the motivation needed to improve your cycling to another level.

You will have an online or personal cycling coach who can answer any cycling and training question you have. With unlimited email and chat access to your cycling coach you’ll receive the support and answers you’ve always needed.

level 1

  • Custom Training Program
  • No signup period
  • Online training calendar
  • Start up Help

level 2

  • No signup period
  • Free trainingpeaks account
  • Start up meeting via skype 30mins
  • Weekly training feedback
  • Customized program based on your lifestyle
  • Unlimited Contact time via email

level 3

  • Customized program based on your lifestyle
  • No signup period
  • Free trainingpeaks account
  • Start up meeting via skype 30mins
  • Data analysis
  • Daily training feedback
  • Unlimited Contact time via email/phone
  • Weekly skype meeting
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 Sign up form

Before the meeting, we just need you to fill out a simple form to give us a quick idea of your cycling background / history surrounding your previous training, whether this is from cycling or another sport. We look at your lifestyle, past training hours, intensity and goals and build a structure that suits your lifestyle. The cycling raining program is written based off Heart rate, Power, Speed and numerous other factors. We take a very individualized approach to cycling training, we find what works best for the individual and all cycling training programs are custom written based on the above circumstances.

3 Winter indoor workouts

Cycling in Winter

Let’s face winter in Sundsvall is not so far away and  indoor training is a lot more convenient to build your fitness for the coming season, and more effective than riding outdoors.  As a coach I work a lot with athletes who spend time on the indoor trainer in the Swedish winter, not just because of the colder conditions but also to maximize their time and effectiveness of the winter months.

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The Road to Hawaii

Cycling improvement – ironman

I first sat down with a client at the end of last year and we talked about how i could help this person with their training and how or what we can do to accomplish her goals.I could see this person was very motivated and driven, that works hard to achieve their goals.. We set some pretty simple goals (in my thoughts) and the larger dream goal being Hawaii for the future. The clients Ironman time from last year showed the person had some talent or that the training was working reasonably well.

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