Specialized Audax Shoe Review

Specialized Audax Shoe Review – Its not often i get pretty excited about cycling shoes, well not for the past 7 years i can say.. But it was during February this year when we were purchasing of products for the new Sportson store, the specialized Audax fell into my lap… Its probably the first time, i could have ordered directly 4 different color models for myself. It was finally nice to see a low branded clean colored cycling shoe.

speciliazed audax

Specialized Audax

Specialized Audax Shoe Review – Specialized wanted to deliver on their promise of an all-day comfort shoe for day rides and the general recreational cyclist and i must say they hit the mark on this one! Available in 5 different colors.

Specialized use a combination of the Boa system and the two velcro straps to keep your foot locked firmly inside with the upper of the shoe made from a synthetic leather, with small segments of mesh venting to allow the foot to not over heat. The Boa S2 dial pulls a wide strap down across the top of the foot without adding any pressure points across the top of the foot.

The appearance and name gives away that the Audax is not your Elite level shoe by any means but providing a full carbon sole still helps provide a high level of stiffness for aggressive riding. While the sole of the shoe has a couple of discreet reflective details for riding early mornings or late nights, is a nice addition.

audax road shoe

The Fit

Specialized Audax Shoe Review – While the audax is designed for your everyday rider, the width of the shoe is wider than that of the S-works model and a slightly wider toe box. The heal cup is one of the most comfortable heel cups i have used. Specialized adds more padding around the ankle while allowing you heel to sit low in the shoe, thus giving you free range of ankle motion.

The upper of the shoe which is made from synthetic leather is a bit stiff out of the box, but within a few weeks of riding, the shoe become more and more supple while holding its shape.


Specialized Audax Shoe Review – While not the lightest shoes on the market ( 268grams/shoe) the carbon sole delivered on its promise and provided a stiff platform, while still allowing some flex through the midsole.

My last shoes were a set of DMT and before that Bont Vapor. The Audax doesn’t match the stiffness of these models by any means, but in the last few months of riding them, the stiffness of the shoe never once crossed my mind.

The only disappointment i had with the Audax was that the cleat mounting fixtures were slightly more forward than those of the DMT and Bont models and i would still like to move the cleat in a slightly more rearward position. But this many not be to everyone’s taste.


Specialized Audax Shoe Review – The Audax is a very nice clean looking shoe, while providing the comfort necessary for day to day riding and  for those longer endurance rides. While not being the lightest of shoes on the market, they provide a very comfortable fit while matching the stiffness of the sole of many other models on the market.

However, for the price there are lighter options available and if you are looking at an entirely performance based race shoe, move onto the their S-Works models.