Developing a Strong Aerobic Base for the Triathlete

Developing a strong Aerobic base for the Triathlete – Endurance is the key to triathlon training, especially if you are looking at ironman or 70.3 distance. The basis of aerobic training miles should never be forgotten no matter if you are a weekend warrior or more experienced Triathlete.

Developing a Strong Aerobic Base for the Triathlete

Developing a Strong Aerobic Base for the Triathlete – You should focus on mixing the intensity of your training week, from high to low. High Intensity training should no be overlooked during the base phase no matter what. Working on consistent training and changing of intensity, you will focus on increasing aerobic development and uptake of stored fat.

That said, your training load of high and low intensity should change through each of your phases of training. During the start of the base phase, focusing on specific speed drills and technique can build strength and help focus on being more efficient for later in the training phases.

Saying that, your greatest area of your training load should be at a lower intensity, but with including technique drills and speed skills you incorporate some medium and higher intensity training to maintain such things as speed and neuromuscular firing. Remember as you progress into the season you should have a subsequent drop in training volume where you become more specific to your race intensity.

Creating resistance following during base phase of training

Developing a Strong Aerobic Base for the Triathlete – Once you have a solid base phase under your belt, you can look to start implement strength/resistance work into the later stages of base training. Tools in swimming such as paddles, pool buoys can help increase the resistance, while low cadence work on the bike, hill bounding and hilly tempo runs for running can be used as a solid foundation for improvement as well.

Tools such as Redcord can help sort out imbalances and incorporating specific movements to your sport while focusing on primarily shoulder, hip and core stability for triathlete’s is a must, this should be included into each phase of your training year round. As you get closer to the race season, you should maintain your strength/resistance training while the speed and intensity increase, but at a lower volume. We call this maintenance.

Dont be fooled into the “miles and miles” concept of low intensity base building, to become a successful athlete you need to hit intensity each week to develop into the well-rounded athlete we all want to be.