Final Surge Joins Sportcoaching New Zealand

We are happy for 2017 to announce a partnership with Final Surge Training Log for Athletes, Coaches, Teams & Clubs. Final Surge is dedicated to bringing the very best online training products to the market from athletes to coaches of all types. Final Surge was Founded and created by both athletes and coaches, so they understand athlete and coaches needs in today’s training environments.

Final Surge will be available in Swedish in the coming months.

final surge sweden


Plan your workouts days, weeks or months in advance, log your training, then analyze your data with reports, graphs and charts.

Our Training Log Dashboard gives you a snapshot of your recent fitness, displaying weekly and monthly distance and duration totals, as well as showing you upcoming and past workouts. The Statistics and Reporting feature allows you to slice and dice your data. Ever wonder how many miles of tempo running you did in the last six months? Now you will know. The Workout Intensity Calculator will give you training paces based off your current race times, helping you train at the correct intensity level.


Log your workout data by hand or upload your data from a fitness device.

Sync your Garmin Connect or your Strava account using our Garmin Connect Sync feature and our Strava Sync feature to automatically upload workouts directly to Final Surge

Graph and chart data such as speed, heart rate, elevation, power and cadence
Set up heart rate and power zones, recording how much time you spent in each zone during workouts
View and log data on the go with our mobile apps.
Our Advanced Workout Interval feature allows you to record sets, reps, rest and recovery intervals for in-depth workout tracking


Final Surge allows you to customize the training log for your fitness needs.

Create custom Activities and Types so that you can record everything you do. Do you attend a kickboxing class on the weekend? We’ve got you covered.

Color-code your calendar so you can easily view activities in a meaningful way
Switch between Week, Multi-Week or Month views when viewing your training
The Workout Library feature allows you to save workouts that you use on a regular basis and quickly add them to your calendar, saving you time

final surge

you can read more about and sign up to the training platform via this link

For coaches looking to move platform across we are happy to provide a 10% off coupon for both monthly and year subscriptions. SPORTCOACH10