Statistics say millions of people are lacing up their shoes for the first time after new years…While our muscular system reponds well to training, soft structures and connective tissue (tendons and ligaments) need time to adjust to running. The cardiorespitatory system becomes more effecient rather quickly. But this is where the problem lies for the beginner runner. Adaption of tendons and ligaments is normally up to 14days behind. So keep this in mind when starting running for the first time.

running first time

Although if soft tissues are not stressed by training, they won’t adapt. Although adaption will occur, listen to the body and start slow, allow recovery between each run. For atleast the first month of running.

With the right running training schedule this will allow adaption to occur, without over stressing this connective tissue.

Our bones are also designed to adapt over time with increased loading. New demands and loads on bones, stimulates them to remodel. (mechanotransduction) Stress placed on the them, help stimulate the bones to repair. By breaking down their existing structures this allows them to rebuild stronger. But at a much slower process than soft and connective tissues.

During around your third week of running* while starting to feel fitter and stronger. The soft tissue adaptation will begin to take place.  But remember your bones are still weaker than when you first started running.

Around the fourth week, your bones will start adaptiing to your first week’s running, and will start to rebuild. Remember density adaptation is comparatively slow.

Remember to be vigilant, and not run away with your new-found fitness. Every run you do, you will feel improvement, but remember cardiorespiratory ability is not just the indicator of your overall fitness. It is only the smallest part of transformations going on in the body.

While you’re your striding away each week, your body is working hard adapting to the changes. Be kind to your body, take it easy, enjoy the easy running miles, allow the body time to recover, and you will be much more likely get through to the next month.