New Balance MR800MF (Midfoot)

New Balance MR800MF – Well, back in 2010 it was one of my favourite shoes. I was working for New Balance New Zealand at the time. So it seems rightful now that I write a quick review about the model. The MF (midfoot) 800 is unfortunately discontinued since then. But I still have 5 pairs sitting around the house still in their boxes.


New Balance MR800MF – Due to the unique strike path of a midfoot runner the outsole of the shoe was designed to help transition through the gait cycle. The sole was designed with better forefoot flexibility, while providing a softer ride. The rubber was also designed for maximum durability in high wear areas. Although I didn’t find this 100% true while running 200km a week. After 4 weeks the forefoot rubber would wear during the toe off phase, leaving a small annoying hole.

I found the MF800 provided optimal cushioning for the longer runs yet the lightweight design of the shoe, and flexibility provided a great shoe for the faster tempo workouts I was doing at the time. Providing full midfoot ground contact. This helped provide optimal support and cushioning for the midfoot striker.

New Balance MR800MF – The sole was made from New Balance’s Acteva light foam,  a 32% lighter foam than their previous foam. Allowing the shoe to have lightweight properties for a joggingskor, while providing a well cushioned and durable outersole. Azorb was placed in the midfoot to accomodate the midfoot runners gait cycle, while the heel lift was designed as a 10-18 ratio.

new balance midfoot

The upper of the shoe provided an open, breathable mesh. But after 4000-5000 kilometres of running in warmer weather (above 20deg), the shoe just didnt breath well as expected.

New Balance MR800MF – The NLOCK system was one of New Balance’s prime properties at the time. An intergated webbing and lacing system to help provide an optimal fit, support and security. When the NLOCK was accompanied with the Secure Lace (which helped lock the laces in place. Which has now been discotinued) provided an outstanding fit. I found the laces never had to be adjusted, even on those longer 2hr+ runs. To this day the Laces were one of the best designs I have seen and used over the past 15 years.

Underpronators and Neutral Runners only 
Midfoot Fit: RELAXED
Forefoot Fit: RELAXED
Arch: AVG
Heel-Toe Drop: LOW
Heel Tech: LOW
Forefoot Tech: LOW
Step-in Feel: AVG
Toe-Off Ride: FAST
Weight: LIGHT, 11.0 oz./9.0 oz.

You can also see a latest review on the Asics FuseX Rush running shoe, I found online. I will be writing about this shoe in the coming months after i have had time to run some decent mileage in it. Big thanks to  for lettting me trial the shoes.