We are happy to announce a partnership with Runscribe, whom will help us track our athletes training and also to be used with running analysis. Runscribe Helps capture the mechanics of how you run by collecting advanced metrics at every footstrike, RunScribe provides a holistic view of your run – allowing you to track progress, assess risk and quantify the impact of training on form and symmetry.


Clincians, coaches and academic researchers around the globe trust RunScribe to deliver consistent and accurate metrics. RunScribe have partnered with leading researchers to validate the RunScribe footsteps model and ensure accrate metrics.

Traditionally, athletes have been limited to simple metrics – like speed, distance and cadence – to measure performance. RunScribe’s advanced metrics provide deeper and more meaningful metrics to help sports professionals: Improve assessment, establish performance baselines, holistically track change to assess improvements and evaluate risk, and quantify progress with injury recovery and therapy.