Training, work and family – the Balance

Every year its the same question, Why is this person fitter than me? why are they faster? It all comes down to striking a balance between work, family, personal obligations and of course training, you cant compare yourself to another person and what they do or how they train, but what you can do is implement the right strategy for yourself and tick the box of the most elusive of goals, ones Life Balance. Life balance is a never-ending journey that requires constant adjustment and sometimes major.

Part of coaching is helping the people you coach manage their time. Being overwhelmed with work, family and training may sometimes lead to an inability to take a step back and organize your life. When you are in hurry all the time, clarity is the first thing that goes. A training program from a dedicated coach is a step forward, a coach is there to get the most out of your time, in the most effective manor while allowing for these circumstances.

training, family and work balance

Consistency is the key to an effective training regimen. I spend numerous hours refining what and how we can fit the training into a persons life. Because the most forgotten note of all, is that stress, family, work all affects the body’s ability to be consistent with both exercise and a training program. Consistency should be the first goal of starting a training regime, How much time do i have? how much stress do I have at work? how much family time do I need?. Then you can start putting together a plan, based around “your” lifestyle and how much training you can fit into your daily life. Then comes the the question, how can i do this in the most effective way?

Your mind and body are the freshest when you wake in the morning, allowing you to fit in good quality workouts before work. Meaning the time spent after work can be at home spending time with your children and or helping out you spouse ‘Get it done early when you aren’t being missed by your family’. If you have trouble getting up early, then get to bed earlier. We all know the importance of sleep and the earlier you get to bed, the better you’ll sleep and the more you’ll sleep.

Allowing dedicated recovery weeks, doesn’t just allow adaption from the training. It also allows that extra time to be spent with your family. Recovery weeks are one of the most important factors of training, both for adaption from the training and for ones family, to catch up on time with the children or similar.

Many athletes I have coached in the past 10 years, find numerous ways to be creative with their training. Riding there bike to work, spending lunch time running on a treadmill.. Taking your children to the pool while they do a swim session. There are numerous ways to implement a training program into your daily life without affecting it too much.