Latest Trainingpeaks update

Latest Trainingpeaks update – A nice little update from Training Peaks allows some new functions to their platform and also the people we coach. Most coaches have built a library of workouts for numerous Sports ( well in my case) but we still need to constantly write and develop new workouts based on the athlete/sports approach to the training strategy and what we think is the best for that individual athlete.

Latest Trainingpeaks update – Now as a coach we are able to customize these workouts better to the athlete by setting a build as we call it. We can now structure in segments for each training session and directly see the TSS and IF Scores.

trainingpeaks update

Latest Trainingpeaks update – When you log onto Training Peaks you can view the day’s training session and see how the build looks towards a particular effort or session , as well as how to cool down after the workout. By adding this build you are able to see each segment of the training pass and make sure your staying the the proper zones or following the correct value.