ZeroRH+ Olympo Sunglasses review

ZeroRH+ Olympo Sunglasses review – ZeroRH+ is a relatively unknown brand in Sweden, although worldwide they are generally known because of the recent sponsorship of Tour de France winner Alberto Contador.


ZeroRH+ Olympo Sunglasses review – After numerous past years of using Oakley Radar as both a personal buy and short lived sponsorship deal, I was interested in trying something new. Sunglasses is a tricky buy, especially looking for a pair to both run and cycle in. ZeroRH has a huge collection of Sunglasses, mostly designed for the avid cyclist. So i was interested to see how these held up running during my brief exploit of trying to get into a training regime again.

ZeroRH+ Olympo Sunglasses review – I picked up a pair of the ZeroRH+ Olympo triple fit from Sportson, mainly for the fitting, and what looked like a solidly built pair of cycling sunglasses for I would say not an overly expensive investment, dropping in at 1100:- Versus the expensive 2500:- Oakley radar’s a I brought few years ago.

The Olympos are adjustable in three places, but is rather typical for a pair of Sunglasses these days, the nose bridge can be rotated to either sit flush against the glasses or by rotated out towards to improve ventilation. To be honest I didn’t bother with much adjustment on my first run or bike for that matter. The arms of the glasses allow up to 6mm of extension, to allow for some extra stability. This did allow some greater wrapping around my head for which helped keep the sunglasses more stable while running. Cycling on the other hand, I don’t think would affect so much, since the helmet straps also allow some extra compression of the arms thus helping to keep them stable while sprinting.



ZeroRH+ Olympo Sunglasses review – The lenses are policarbonate and interchangeable which pop into the bracket below the frame and are held in position by the nose bridge. The bracket takes some fiddling to pop in the new set of lenses, but are with most sunglasses these days. After 5 weeks of running in the Sunglasses, I was most impressed with the fit and how stable the sunglasses were when running around 3min45sec pace. Not once did i need to adjust the fit of the glasses, and never once did the lenses fog up during a run, something I have experienced with many brands of glasses over the years while wearing a hat or beanie, during the cold early mornings. The longer rides I never once felt the need to remove them, as i did with numerous other sunglasses, I would typically push the sunglasses behind the back of my head, suffering to follow other riders in the group while my fitness got back up to par again.

ZeroRH+ Olympo Sunglasses review – Overall the Olympos have a very solid feel to them, with good build quality and what I would say is at a pretty affordable price. Compared to that of Oakley or Rudy project. Weighing in a 30grams, they aren’t pushing the boundaries on light weight glasses and the shape won’t fit everyone but they can definitely spice up your cycling or running kit with numerous colors and shades of lenses for different light settings.